Zebra BI: Clarify your Financial Power BI reports and dashboards

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With the visualizations of our partner Zebra BI you can provide even more detailed financial reports. Because these visualizations complement Power BI exactly in what’s missing, you directly see in your dashboard where your results are positive or negative. In addition, they provide extra tooling for clarifying your Power BI dashboards with, for example, comments and countless variations of visualization options.

About our partner

With the experience that Zebra BI has gained in recent years, they have found that the way in which financial reports and dashboards are visualized in Power BI is not yet complete. It takes a lot of time to make financial data visualizations, so that these visualizations are often not fully understandable for the people who have to use these reports in their daily work. Our partner’s mission is that with their advanced vizualisations they create extremely user-friendly reporting tools so that you can present your Financial Data in a better way.

The advantages of Zebra BI

With Zebra BI you pick up where you left off in Power BI. Where Microsoft has built Power BI as a general data platform, these visualizations extend it further to a Financial Data Platform. It works as an extra package on top of Power BI, with which you can crown your dashboards into complete financial reports. Because you can see exactly where the positive or negative balance is with the green and red bars, your report is even easier to understand for all users. With all the capabilities of these tools, you can spend less time creating financial reports and focus on analyzing all important business data.

Why Zebra BI?

Change your dashboard into complete reports

With the Zebra BI visualization toolbox you can turn your Power BI reports into the clearest dashboards ever. The users who ultimately analyze your Power BI dashboards will be able to see the positive or negative results in an instant. In addition to the fact that the reports look much tighter and more beautiful due to the tooling, you can also save a lot of time on creating clear Financial Dashboards.

Zebra BI visualizations on top of Power BI

If, as a Business Analyst, you are looking for a tool that allows you to create insightful and truly actionable reports faster, iqbs and Zebra BI are the right place for you. With these Power BI visualizations you can create the best financial reports ever in an instant, quickly and efficiently.

As a partner, we provide you with the visual toolbox on top of your Power BI subscription. This way you can use all the visualization options to upgrade your financial dashboards.

Discover the Zebra BI visualizations

Would you like to know more about the certified Power BI visuals that our partner offers? Discover them for yourself in our specially developed webcast. Here you can see at your own pace how to upgrade your dashboards with the best visualizations.