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We are good at translating business data and processes into accessible, informative dashboards and reports. Get relevant information quickly – or have it come to you – from all organizational layers , without the help of a technical expert. In this way we help you to focus on the topics that really need your attention .

What our BI framework does

Within the iqbs framework we have developed a number of connectors and processes that quickly and easily combine and provide insight into your data from SAP, Infor and other sources. The Data Warehouse is an important part of this, from which we effortlessly access the information to the reports and dashboards. Our framework has been developed based on Microsoft’s secure, reliable and innovative technology and we deliver our projects with high user satisfaction.

How our BI framework works

Depending on your wishes and needs, we take the implementation of the framework off your hands or we train your team in a short time to implement it yourself. In consultation with you, we jointly determine the best route for your organization. In some cases it may even be the case that designing a data warehouse in the first phase is not necessary. If the data sources are less complex, we can directly focus on the visualization of data in reports and dashboards.

iqbs BI framework: proven quality

iqbs BI framework

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

The source applications, including the Data Model, have been developed for optimal support of the business processes, such as the rapid processing of orders. To report quickly, a different Data Model is needed and you want, for example, information from different systems to be combined in advance. In short, this is what a Data Warehouse does: store information prepared, ready for use in reports and dashboards.

The iqbs framework follows the ETL methodology: we retrieve the data from the source systems (Extract) and convert the data to the data warehouse model (Transform). We then fill in datasets and subsets to prepare cross-sections and reports even further (Load). All this with the aim of sparing the source systems and offering users maximum performance.

Theobald Software for SAP

For our customers with an SAP environment, we work with SAP-certified solutions from Theobald. As a partner and reseller of Theobald Software, we implement this software as an integral part of our framework. In this way, we also make it possible for SAP customers to transform and combine their data. Visualization can be fast and intuitive, also with Power BI.


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