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Data is the new gold ! And mining this gold is our business. We help our clients get real insight and value from their own gold mines . In this way organizations see where they have to make adjustments and how they keep a grip on change. The Microsoft BI technology plays an important role in this.

The Business

Business Intelligence stands for providing insight into large amounts of data, so you can learn from it. It is for anyone who wants to analyze more efficiently and convert data into relevant insights. All of this in less time and in a safe environment. Touching one button, Business Intelligence (BI) provides new, relevant insights and professional and safe analyzes.

The Technology

You want to make information quickly available for yourself or your business: correct, complete and well timed. There are various tools available to quickly create beautiful reports and dashboards, such as Excel, SSRS and of course Microsoft Power BI . For us, Business Intelligence also stands for a grip on your data resources, for example by developing a data warehouse. Only when your data is correct, you can really manage on the key performance indicators (KPIs).

Why choose Business Intelligence?

Get a grip, see trends and make predictions

Our practical experience with a large amount of applications and databases has ensured that our Business Intelligence is ready for many (combinations of) resources. For more than 20 years we have been helping companies with insight into their data from Infor LN (Baan), SAP and Odoo. Even if you want to combine data from different systems, you’ve come to the right place. Interactive visuals have the answer before you even ask the question!

Standard connectors for your ERP

Using our special and certified connectors and processes we structure data from SAP, Infor LN and Odoo in top speed. We also integrate data from other systems into our Data Warehouse. Working with a data warehouse ensures, among other things, that requesting the reports does not burden your source systems. We use Microsoft’s stable and innovative solutions in everything we do.

Get inspired

We always use Microsoft’s stable and innovative resources. For example, with Microsoft Power BI we make the most beautiful visualisations of your company data. Curious what this looks like? We made some webcasts to show our solutions to you.

Our customers do not only recommend us because of our accessibility and the flexibility of our solution, but are also all very satisfied with the result.