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Reports and visualizations of Odoo data

Odoo all-in-one business software contains all the data you need to make important decisions every day. Obtaining the correct control information from this data can be a challenge, especially if you want to combine it with other resources. With iqbs BI for Odoo you can generate reports and visualisations of your Odoo data in seconds – without any need of technical knowledge.


Not only is it possible with iqbs to show the correct information from Odoo in clever dashboards, you can also integrate all kinds of other software systems in the reports – such as Google Analytics, Sales Force or Mailchimp. For example, you can create a perfect marketing dashboard. Even data from Facebook, SharePoint and Excel can be integrated in the Odoo reports. Do you use different versions of Odoo? And do you want to be able to access this in a reporting source? This is also no problem for us.

Benefits of iqbs BI for Odoo

Preset reports

Our standardized solution contains a number of sample reports per module that give you direct insight into the performance of your processes. Of course you can make adjustments yourself so that you can optimize personalized reports.

Always and everywhere insight

The datasets and reports in iqbs BI for Odoo are offered through a web portal, where users from anywhere in the world can log in to. This portal can be accessed from both a computer and all mobile devices.

Accessible front-end

We make all our solutions with Microsoft. The Power BI tool offers the most accessible reporting options, but if you prefer to work with another tool from Microsoft, that is of course also possible. Exactly as you are used to, but more insightful!
Our standard solution for Odoo contains a number of sample reports per module, which will give you direct insight into the performance of your processes.
BI Consultant

More Business Intelligence for Odoo

Would you like to know more about our methods, the technical details behind iqbs BI for Odoo and why you should choose iqbs BI for Odoo? Fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible!