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Our solutions are based on Microsoft technology, in which we specialize. With Business Intelligence we provide insight into your data; with Predictive Analytics we enable you to make predictions and forecasts based on your data. With our iqbs Framework we provide a solid link between your ERP-system and the visualization tool that gives you insight. For example, we give you insight based on stable and managed data sources and you keep maximum control over who sees which information.

If you work with SAP, Theobald Software is our partner to unlock data from SAP via a certified integration. Microsoft Power BI is the best solution for us to visualize and share data within your company.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of collecting data and converting it into information. For businesses this often means fast and up-to-date dashboards. From a technical perspective, it is also about managed data sources and the secure sharing of those dashboards.

iqbs BI framework

The architecture of our Framework is based on the Kimball best practices architecture and developed with Microsoft technology. It assumes simplicity for the user and separates this from the complexity of the databases and application.

Predictive Analytics

If BI tells you where your company stands (and where you come from), the next question is: where are we going? Do you want to go somewhere else? How do you adjust this? What knobs do you have to turn and what effect will this have? Here you are talking about Predictive (Business) Analytics.

Power BI

Visualize your data in dashboards and reports. Then share them inside or outside your organization. What options does Power BI offer your organization? We are happy to tell you.

Theobald Software

Do you work with SAP and do you want to work with BI or Power BI? Theobald’s SAP-certified connector makes it possible for us to also integrate the iqbs Framework with SAP.


Do you work with CCH® Tagetik and do you want to continue with BI? With the unique connector of cpmVision we can combine the financial data from CCH® Tagetik with Power BI, allowing us to create powerful visualisations.

Zebra BI

Our partner Zebra BI makes the visualizations in Power BI even better. For example, you can expand financial reports with the Zebra BI visuals so that you can see at a glance how your company has performed. Useful!

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