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Insight through overview

Companies perform better through Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence offers insights that you didn’t have before and even enables you to make predictions. At the touch of a button, BI brings new insights and professional analysis of your data. We offer the key to your database in Infor LN or Baan, but we can also link data from other systems (such as Dynamics, Salesforce, Excel or other versions of your ERP-system) to achieve a complete overview. The modern way to oversee and optimize business processes in all organizational layers.

Applied to your preference

The combination of years of experience, standardized processes and personalized dashboards makes it possible to implement our BI quickly and affordably and adapt it to your preferences. With the standard dataset per module, iqbs BI for Infor gives you quick insight into matters that need attention. Of course, personal wishes in the dataset(s) and reports are taken into account, for example when it comes to the security and visibility of your information. Read more about how we implement BI here. 

Advantages of iqbs BI for Infor LN

Preset reports

Our standardized solution contains a number of sample reports per module that give you direct insight into the performance of the processes. Of course you can make adjustments yourself so that you can optimize personalized reports.

Always and everywhere insight

The datasets and reports in iqbs BI for infor LN are offered through a web portal where users from anywhere in the world can log into. This portal can be accessed from both a computer and all mobile devices.

Accessible in Power BI

We make all our solutions with Microsoft. The Power BI tool offers the most accessible reporting options, but if you prefer to work with another tool from Microsoft, that is of course also possible. Exactly as you are used to, but more insightful!

More about iqbs BI for Infor LN

Get to know our Business Intelligence for Infor now! Do you need more information about our BI solution for Infor LN? We'd like to explain how easily and quickly you can convert data from your Infor environment into handy reports and dashboards. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Standardized modules

We have a standardized solution for 7 modules in infor LN, which means that we can design a stable BI environment for this relatively quickly. Of course we can also include other modules in our project.
While infor's Birst is mostly rated well functionally, creating reports is considered complex and costly. iqbs BI is much more mature in this, especially in combination with Power BI.
BI Consultant

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