cpmVision: The Power BI connector for CCH® Tagetik users

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As a finance controller you often work with Excel or the CCH® Tagetik consolidation software. Of course you also want to make good reports of this data, so that you can continue to make the right decisions. The cpmVision Power BI connector for CCH® Tagetik offers the same powerful embedded Financial Intelligence that CCH® Tagetik users are used to. With this unique connector you can use Financial Intelligence without worries and also design powerful visualizations with Power BI.

About cpmVision

cpmVision is a collaboration between Satriun and iqbs. By combining Satriun’s knowledge and experience with CCH® Tagetik with iqbs’ many years of expertise in Power BI and Business Intelligence, cpmVision was born. cpmVision delivers a seamless CCH® Tagetik experience using the Power BI technology, bringing high-quality BI capabilities while preserving Financial Intelligence. This makes it possible to create detailed and clear reports from the financial data from CCH® Tagetik with all the possibilities of Microsoft Power BI.

The benefits of cpmVision

With the cpmVision Power BI connector for CCH® Tagetik you create seamless Power BI dashboards directly on top of the original scenario data and consolidation scenario data that is present in your existing CCH® Tagetik database. Users experience the Financial Intelligence they are used to when creating CCH® Tagetik reports. Runtime intercompany eliminations, runtime currency conversion, and hierarchical structures are just as advanced in Power BI as they would be using CCH® Tagetik itself. Eliminates the need to process additional consolidation scenarios and extract data into a Data Warehouse! cpmVision does all this, effortlessly for your organization.

Why cpmVision?


Powerfully Embedded Financial Intelligence

CCH® Tagetik is one of the most advanced corporate performance management solutions available on the market. The solution comes with powerful embedded Financial Intelligence that allows users to dynamically present management consolidations across entity hierarchies in any currency, without having to process those consolidations themselves and write them to the database. Companies that want to deploy Power BI on top of CCH® Tagetik are faced with challenges because of precisely that Financial Intelligence.

The solution for Tagetik data to Power BI

The CCH® Tagetik database generally only contains the basic level data that Power BI cannot directly interpret. Therefore, companies usually take the initiative to create a significant number of consolidation scenarios that need to physically write the consolidated data to the database. This consolidated data must then be migrated to a Data Warehouse so that it eventually ends up in Power BI. In this situation, it takes a lot of time to process the static data. cpmVision breaks this detour by providing a state-of-the-art Power BI connector for CCH® Tagetik!

Discover the cpmVision solution now

Would you like to know more about the technical possibilities and certified link with CCH® Tagetik that cpmVision offers? Check it out for yourself with a specially developed demo, in which you can see at your own pace how this BI solution works exactly!