Theobald Software: the BI connector for your SAP data

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Theobald’s SAP certified connector makes it possible for us to iqbs Framework can also be integrated with SAP. As a Theobald Software partner and reseller we implement this software as an integral part of our framework. You can enjoy all the benefits of our framework, the technology of Microsoft and Power BI, with the certainty of the SAP certification .


The challenges in SAP BI

Working with SAP means working in a structured organization. You can work with SAP BI solutions to analyze your business, but with a transfer to Excel you will encounter some difficulties. Our experience shows that building the sheets takes time, and you probably also miss data. The SAP report or query does not show the correct fields. Do you want an accessible way to get started with your data from SAP, from which you will gain more insight? Then we have the solution for you.

Microsoft BI for SAP

With iqbs for SAP you retrieve data from SAP in a managed way to make it available for reports and dashboards – even real time! Theobald Xstract IS ensures that you gain access to the complex data structure. Our consultants work with you to determine how best to build a dashboard, after which we ensure that the correct data is entered into a data warehouse. This way you can feed reports and dashboards from our framework. Without cutting and pasting; simply fast and reliable in Power BI or Excel.

Why we choose Theobald Software:

Recognize processes that need attention, see trends and make predictions

Our practical experience with a large amount of applications and databases has ensured that our Business Intelligence is a solution for many (combinations of) sources. We have already helped many organizations learn to draw conclusions from their data in Infor LN (Baan) and SAP, and if you want to combine data from different systems, you have come to the right place. BI is the future! At the bottom of this page you will find a number of options for systems from which we can obtain data.

Interactive visual analytics have the answer
before you even ask the question

We can of course best show you how we ensure that you quickly gain insight into all your data. Using our special and certified connectors, we can structure data from SAP and Infor LN at top speed. We link data from other systems through a data warehouse, so that the reports you use afterwards do not burden your source systems. We leverage Microsoft’s stable and innovative resources in everything we do.

More about Theobald Software

Would you like to know more about the certified connection with SAP and the technical possibilities it offers? We made a webcast together with Theobald Software to explain our BI product and the SAP connector to you.